Vegetables, bread, and eggs come once a week from the CSA share through Breezy Willow Farm in West Friendship. I add some variety by shopping at the Howard County Farmers Markets whenever possible.

Most of the meat comes from the cows, sheep, and pigs at Wagon Wheel Ranch, and while I’m up in Mt Airy, I also like to pick up some honey from The Bee Folks.

But although the CSA and the ranch meat are great, whenever I want something specific, I’ll go to the neighborhood Giant. (Hey, it’s a local chain.) I love stocking up on the big multi-pound bags of organic carrots, celery, potatoes, and onions there; the produce always looks good and the price is comparable to buying in bulk.

For fish and shellfish, I can’t say enough good things about the neighborhood Harris Teeter. The fish counter is awesome. The fillets are in full view and they’ll cheerfully give you whatever you point at. If you’re a member, pay attention to the weekly specials; sometimes they have some really fantastic deals.

I’ve also been to Frank’s Seafood Market in Jessup, where we picked up a party’s worth of oysters and mussels. I expect to give them more business later in the year, in the thick of crab season. They also claim to have sushi-quality fish sometimes, too, which I’m looking forward to trying.

The important thing is that, when buying seafood, always make sure that it’s a sustainable choice.

Other great places to shop: