summer CSA, week 10

Man, looking back at the picture of the pickup, I miss the watermelon. Between me and the kid, our half of the watermelon was gone within days. I need to get out to the farmer’s markets and see if I can find more.

Week 10 of Breezy Willow’s summer CSA: zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, Summer Gold apples, an eggplant, a sugar baby watermelon, six ears of corn, nectarines, eggs, and bread (Breadery plain white).

summer CSA, week 10

I love that the sugar baby watermelon had seeds in it. I used to get seeded watermelon all the time as a kid, but it feels like I hardly see them in grocery stores anymore. Now it’s all seedless. I’ve always found seedless watermelons bland and depressingly monotonous compared to seeded ones. Sure, they’re more convenient to prepare, but on the other hand, the best and sweetest flesh is always next to the seeds, and you also get the pleasure of spitting the seeds out into growing piles.

I presented the kid with some cut-up watermelon, and he vacuumed it up and demanded more. He’s definitely a watermelon fan. The tricky part is getting him to hold still afterwards so we can swab down his sticky hands. (We’re still working on utensil technique.)

Anyway, I saw the eggplant, zucchini, and tomato, and I just had to make ratatouille.

ratatouille in the pot

Apparently my favorite time to cook is now Friday nights. After the kid goes down for the night, I still feel like I can stay up, chopping and stirring and simmering, and not have to worry about getting stuff done for the next day. I made this beautiful colorful mess of vegetables on Friday night, using Melissa d’Arabian’s recipe. I spread it out to cool in a pan, then poured it into a plastic container to chill in the fridge. Easy vegetable reheating for the rest of the week! It’s chunky, too, so it can be finger food. Hopefully the kid will take to it as well.

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