pluses and minuses at the new Frisco Taphouse

K has a long history with Frisco Burrito Grille Taphouse and Brewery. He remembers when they were just a burrito counter. Then they expanded into the space next door, putting in a bar full of microbrews and a lot of tables for patrons, and we started going there regularly. And now that they’ve established themselves in their newest digs just down the street, we drop by frequently for a good meal and a tasty brew.

There are drawbacks, though. The parking situation is atrocious; the side lot is far too small and it fills up quickly, so visitors at peak hours are forced to find parking on side streets and in nearby lots. Also, you used to be able to get a table almost anywhere and keep an eye on the game; now, the TVs are centralized at the bar, so you might not get a good view from your table. Speaking of the television screens, those are also where Frisco keeps their massive microbrew list — and although the list of 50 taps fills two long screens, it’s hard to read from the dining area.

(They have a solution for the smartphone-enabled, though: an electronic beer list.)

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale; chips, salsa, and guacamole
(Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale; chips, salsa, and guacamole)

The menu has changed, too. They’ve added corn dogs (good) and beer-battered catfish (not so good), among other things. Also, Frisco’s pizza oven is up and running. We tried the margherita pizza and it was delicious, with fresh tomato and big crispy leaves of basil. The chorizo pizza was good as well, though I hear it’s even more improved by adding bacon. (Well, what isn’t?) Two pizzas turned out to be not quite enough for three people, but they’re fun to share. Someday I’ll get around to trying their “taphouse steak and cheese” pizza, which apparently features bbq steak and avocado.

Returning visitors might notice that the enchiladas are no longer on the menu, but the kitchen will still make one for you if you ask — a fortunate thing, since their enchiladas are delicious. I recommend getting them with chorizo.

Anyway, we remain big fans of Frisco, no matter what they’re calling themselves, and we’ll definitely keep going for the food and the brews. I’ll just have to remember to get there early if I want a parking spot.

7 thoughts on “pluses and minuses at the new Frisco Taphouse

    • Oh wow, I didn’t know that part of their history!

      I might even give the tofu burrito a shot someday, when I’m not mad for chorizo. :)

  1. I always get pumped up for going to Frisco based on the reviews I read, but I always end up disappointed. I’ve tried all the recommended items (from HowChow) or whatever I feel like having, but it’s never as good as hoped. I love them for their beer, but the food’s never been any better than any national chain restaurant, IMHO.

    • I’m sorry you haven’t had a good meal there; it sounds like you’ve given them quite a few chances to impress you. Personally I like their food more than the stuff from most chain restaurants, but tastes do differ. At least you can enjoy the beer.

  2. I enjoy Frisco Grille — despite and because of its (almost) insane success (and noise). :-) I — and others — would be delighted if, when you post about food in Howard county, that you add the phrase hocofood@@@ to your post. This phrase will add your post automatically to the Food section of More people wlll have access to what you write about the local food scene.

  3. We went on a Sunday afternoon and didn’t have too much trouble finding a parking place. There were lots of empty tables. We grabbed a beer and some of the chips and guacamole. Since the chips weren’t salted, the guac needed some salt, but it was mighty good.

    • Sunday afternoon sounds like a good time to go. Wednesday evenings, on the other hand, are pretty awful.

      We salt the chips whenever we get them, too. :)

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