spring CSA, week 3

I made the week 3 pickup on Thursday, which actually was the first day of spring! It certainly felt like spring; the weather was nice, the sun was out, and some of the other CSA members had brought their kids to help pack up the veggies. Everyone was smiling; I think we were all glad to say goodbye to winter this year.

In the pickup: 3 lb potatoes, a head of cabbage, twelve apples (six Jonagold, six York), 1 lb spinach, bread (Great Harvest challah), 1 lb mushrooms, eggs, two large carrots, and three grapefruit.

spring CSA, week 3

I could have used the cabbage last week, but it’s all right, we’ll eat cabbage two weeks in a row. We ate out a lot this weekend (more on that later, maybe), so I didn’t get a lot cooked from the share; however, I did manage a scramble with the mushrooms and some broccoli and onion. I am drowning a bit in apples though. C cooked down hers in cinnamon and sugar; I’m thinking of giving that a try.

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