Deb’s mom’s apple cake

Man, I have to start taking pictures of my food; no one reads a food blog for the text. But the apple cake is mostly gone. Does anyone really want to see a picture of a mostly empty baking dish?

Anyway, I made Deb’s mom’s apple cake for book club, using some of the CSA apples, and it was well-received. I halved the recipe and it fit a 9×9 Pyrex perfectly, browning and puffing up in about an hour. The only change I made was to substitute applesauce for half of the oil.

It’s really tasty, guys. The batter came together without any fuss and it baked up like a charm. The apples are sweet with cinnamon but don’t dry out in the oven, and the cake part is sweet and light and just a tad eggy. I think that the bits remaining will be good for breakfast tomorrow, too.

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