summer CSA, week 9

The CSA pickup this week (actually this week! I’m on time!) brought us a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread (Great Harvest oatmeal), cantaloupe, six ears of corn, two pounds potatoes, two pounds yellow squash, two pounds tomatoes (yes, those two giant tomatoes weighed one pound each), four nectarines, four peaches, and two green peppers. I also walked out to their herb garden and picked some dill, basil, and parsley.

summer CSA, week 9

The pickup this week was slightly confusing. Generally, the amount of food you’re supposed to take is written on a little chalkboard, so the sign above the tomatoes says “2 lbs tomatoes” which means you’re supposed to weigh out two pounds of tomatoes. This week involved a lot of weighing, first potatoes, then squash, then tomatoes… and then I saw a man in front of me weighing out two pounds of peppers. One of the ladies gently pointed out to him that the board said “2 peppers,” not “2 lbs peppers,” and he sighed in relief and put back something like 10 peppers. You have to read carefully at the CSA.

Thanks to last weekend’s heroic efforts, there is actually space in the refrigerator for all of this stuff. I’m just glad that there isn’t any zucchini. I’m stuffed to the gills with zucchini.

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