spring CSA, week 10

This week in the CSA: a riot of greens and reds. We have spring onions, romaine lettuce, a bunch of radishes, red chard, strawberries, apples, baby bok choy, and cucumbers. Also bread (Great Harvest challah) and Breezy Willow’s own eggs.

spring CSA, week 10

I love getting Breezy Willow’s eggs because their heritage hens lay speckled and colored eggs. I can’t really taste any difference, but they sure are pretty to look at.

Breezy Willow eggs

They are terrible for boiled eggs, though; since they’re so fresh, they are very hard to peel.

Anyway, back to this week’s pickup. I love this recipe for butter-braised radishes; it takes away the harsh bite and leaves them nutty and sweet. Halfway through the simmer I throw the radish greens in to cook as well; they retain some of the bite but get softened by the butter and the long braising time.

butter braised radishes and radish greens

It’s not pretty but it’s incredibly good. Tastes like spring.

3 thoughts on “spring CSA, week 10

  1. I love all the colored eggs we get from free range chickens in the CSAs.

    I would put some aside to age, before I made them as hard boiled eggs.

    I like your radish recipe. Ths week I am using our radish greens in a pesto.

    I really enjoy learning to do new things by getting a CSA box.

    • Aging eggs would be the way to go. I definitely need to plan hard boiled eggs ahead of time. That, or I just deal with lots of little pits and scars in the whites of my hard boiled eggs.

      I love your idea to make pesto of the greens! I may be doing that in future. Pesto is such a perfect warm-weather ingredient.

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