summer CSA, week 11

This week on the CSA: 6 ears corn, 4 kohlrabi, 1 eggplant, four nectarines, five plums, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, green bell peppers, a head of garlic, eggs, and bread (honey whole wheat). There’s also a bundle of basil and parsley hiding behind the eggplant.

summer CSA, week 11

There were samples of raw kohlrabi at the farm, cut into matchsticks. I tried one. It tasted, well, raw and crunchy. Apparently it makes good slaw. I can see it being pretty tasty with a good dip, like hummus or a creamy dressing.

I’ve also recently rediscovered my love for ripe red tomatoes. This has become my favorite summer dish:

– Toast a slice of parmesan sourdough bread. (Other bread will work too, but parm sourdough is the best.)
– Rub the toasted bread with the cut side of a clove of garlic.
– Spread mayonnaise on the bread. (There was mayo in the first tomato sandwich I ate, and now I’ve imprinted on it.)
– If you’re brave and like the bite of raw garlic, mince up the garlic and sprinkle that on the bread too.
– Cut a ripe red tomato into slices, from pole to pole. Spread the slices on the bread, overlapping if necessary.
– Sprinkle with a chiffonade of basil, and salt and pepper to taste.
– Eat!

tomatoes on toast

2 thoughts on “summer CSA, week 11

  1. I roasted our kohlrabi, with great success. It paired nicely with…the General Tso’s we had for dinner. Hey, not every night gets a complete homecooked meal.

    We’re loving the Breezy Willow CSA, begun partly because of your posts. (Although we didn’t find anyone to split it with, so we’re drowning in corn. Learning how to freeze veggies.) Thanks!

    • I love General Tso’s, actually. I even tried to make it once, but I was an inept deep-fryer and set off the smoke alarms. I’ve since decided to let restaurants do it for me.

      (Tip: if you ever find yourself in China, though, they won’t know what General Tso’s is. My brother tried ordering it and got blank looks from the waitstaff.)

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the CSA! Sorry about the “drowning in vegetables” problem. (Even splitting a share, you can still get overwhelmed — I still remember 2008 as the year of the green bean deluge.) At least you’ll have plenty of frozen local veg to get you through the winter. =)

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