summer CSA, week 3

I’m always so sad when the end of strawberry season rolls around, but I would be less so if I remembered that peach season was just around the corner. We get beautiful peaches in Maryland, sweet and juicy and perfect, every summer. I’m always so delighted to see the peaches in the pickup, and I’m very careful when loading them so as not to squeeze them against other vegetables and break their skins. I’ll let the bread get all squished before I bruise a peach.

Anyway, week 3 of the summer CSA: spinach, a head of romaine lettuce, patty pan squash, white mushrooms, a pint of blueberries, English peas, cucumbers, peaches!, eggs, and bread (Great Harvest onion rye).

summer CSA, week 3

We’re inundated with vegetables now. Despite my optimistic words of last week, and my resolution to keep up with the CSA every week, we still had kale and green beans left in the fridge when the next pickup came along. Oh well, they’re still good…

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