spring CSA, week 2

Breezy Willow’s spring CSA kicked off week 2 with potatoes (mixed white and sweet), onions, parsnips, beets, kale, tangerines, blood oranges, different types of apples, and the usual bread and eggs.

spring CSA pickup week 2

Potatoes and parsnips: I see stew in my future, probably also involving the enormous carrots from last week.

The bread is Great Harvest’s parmesan sourdough. If I see the parmesan sourdough, I grab it. It is delicious, cheesy both inside and out. Quite often I’ll end up tearing pieces off and munching as I put away the other vegetables.

I don’t know how other CSAs work, but Breezy Willow puts out piles of produce and lets you know how much of each you should take. There are scales scattered throughout, too, in case you can’t figure out how much spinach is in a pound. It makes the lines move slowly, but I find the whole setup quite charming.

spring CSA apples week 2

I’m also thinking apple crumble. Nothing like apple crumble on a cold March evening.