summer CSA week 12, and Great Harvest Bakery

Thursday was pretty rainy, but I timed my pickup between the storms. This week we got 6 ears of corn, a head of lettuce, 2 lbs tomatoes, four apples, four peaches, four nectarines, a pound of fingerling potatoes, and a pound of green beans. This was a non-egg week so they gave us cheese (I got Muenster) and I picked up lemon pound cake for the bread item.

summer CSA, week 12

No herbs, alas, because we’re not allowed to go out onto the herb garden when the ground is wet. When I asked why, they said something about wet ground being more susceptible to the bacteria on my shoes. Oh well, don’t want to hurt the herbs.

too wet for herbs

The lemon pound cake is fantastic, by the way. I’m an even bigger fan of Great Harvest Bakery now that I’ve actually gone to the store (it’s along Centre Park Drive in Columbia). The staff is incredibly friendly and they give very generous samples — thick, beautiful slices of bread, which you can often slather with whatever preserves they’re letting you try. (I had lemon curd on challah for my sample this morning: divine.) The selection changes daily, too (they have the menu on their site), so when you get that day’s baked good, you can eat it with special relish, knowing that they likely won’t make it again until the next week.

Although they open at 6:30am, buyers should be aware that they’re still baking; only some breads are ready right away. When I went early in the morning to get parmesan sourdough (made only on Wednesdays), they told me it wouldn’t be ready until midmorning. They offered to hold a loaf for me, so I swung by and picked it up after work that evening… along with another meal-sized sample. Really, it’s a wonderful place.

Also: free coffee on Friday mornings! Get there before 8:30.

(Mini food review: I’ve loved all the breads I’ve tried, as well as the Jewish apple cake and the lemon pound cake. The cream cheese scones are a little too moist and cakey for me though — I tend to like my scones with more crumb.)