spring CSA week 2, and hot dogs

Week 2 of the spring CSA is not accurately reflected in the picture; I traded three kohlrabi for four grapefruit, and completely forgot to pick up the head of garlic. Oh well.

(I’ve tried kohlrabi every time it’s come up, and I have yet to be convinced that any good can come of it. So I availed myself of the trade table.)

So my personal version of week 2: eight! grapefruit, six oranges, eight apples (four red delicious, four golden delicious), onions, sweet potatoes, spinach, and green beans; also the usual eggs and bread (Great Harvest parmesan sourdough).

spring CSA, week 2

In other news, a hot dog stand called “Lala’s” has taken up residence by the play area at Lake Elkhorn. The guy working the stand when we showed up said that they were affiliated with an ice cream place moving in down by the Phoenix in historic Ellicott City. We tried a Chicago dog. It was missing the bright green relish and the roll was not poppyseed, but for $2, it was pretty darn good.