summer CSA, weeks 6 and 7

Week 6 in the Breezy Willow Farm CSA: chard, tomatoes, eggplant, beets, Shiro plums, mushrooms, peaches, green peppers, eggs, and bread (Great Harvest’s parmesan sourdough).

summer CSA, week 6

I’m really excited about the tomatoes. Tomatoes, like strawberries, are absolutely stellar when they’re at that perfect peak-of-season ripeness. I like to cut them up and serve them as a side at breakfast, with salt and freshly ground pepper.

My favorite items from this week, though, were the Shiro plums. The pictures don’t really do them justice, but they’re a lovely pale golden color — a nice contrast to the little red Methley plums that we usually get. The flesh is sweet, but the skin is a little bitter.

Shiro plums, week 6

Week 7: corn, peaches, kale, cucumbers, cantaloupe, more tomatoes, squash, bag lettuce, eggs, and bread (parmesan sourdough again; I’m a sucker for that bread).

summer CSA, week 7

For the squash ration, we could choose from zucchini, yellow squash, and patty pan. I went with all zucchini because honestly it’s my favorite, and it’s easy to prep for grill or fryer. I find yellow squash a bit bland, and patty pan is tasty but really annoying to break down.

The cantaloupe was perfectly ripe, so we ate it right away. I hope we get more melons this coming week.