Happy World Nutella Day!

Today is officially World Nutella Day, a day I’ve happily celebrated every year since its inception in 2007. Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread, sweet and luscious and wonderful. When I was a kid, Nutella was a huge treat for me; I’d eat it spread on toast or as a single layer in a sandwich. With its chocolatey taste, it really was like eating candy for breakfast. It used to be hard to find, but now you can pick up a jar at any grocery store (or, if you’re an addict like me, you can pick up a two-pack of huge jars from Costco).

In the past, I’ve made Nutella hot chocolate (just mix with hot milk) and Nutella scones:

Nutella scones

It’s just a basic scone recipe with layers of Nutella folded in. Careful eating these right out of the oven; the Nutella layer is like napalm.

This morning, we didn’t have time to do anything fancy, so we just had Nutella on toast:

Nutella on toast

Eating Nutella toast for breakfast made me feel a little like a kid again. Maybe that’s why people like celebrating World Nutella Day. Anyway, I’m looking forward to a tasty cup of Nutella hot chocolate tonight.