spring CSA, week 1

Welcome to spring! There’s still a few piles of dirty snow in my yard, and it was so cold that the poor woman manning the CSA table at Miller Library was visibly shivering as she signed me in, but no matter: the spring CSA has returned, and with it this blog!

My daily commute doesn’t take me close to Breezy Willow Farm any more, which is sad; I really enjoyed driving up to the farm, walking past the llamas and chickens, and seeing all the familiar faces. I’d signed up at the farm originally, but when I told them I had to move, they transferred me to the Miller Library pickup site with no questions asked.

Although I can’t impulse-buy ice cream and yogurt at the farm store any more (you have to pre-order it to the remote pickup sites), I have to say the pickup experience was a lot faster. At the farm, they have several scales and you have to weigh anything that needs weighing; they’ll put up a sign that says “spinach – 1 pound” and there’s always a bit of a pileup behind the poor person adding and removing spinach from a plastic bag in order to get as close to a pound as possible. In the parking lot at Miller, though, there’s no place to plug in a scale, and so everything is pre-weighed and pre-bagged. Pickup was an absolute breeze.

Oh right, this week’s haul:

spring CSA, week 1

That’s a dozen apples, half a pound of mushrooms, a pound of green beans, a pound of spinach, bread (Breadery 3 seed, very seedy), 3 pounds of potatoes, two grapefruits, a dozen eggs in pretty pastel shades, and three carrots.

So far the mushrooms have gone into salads and K’s stuffed peppers, the green beans were served alongside lasagna, the bread is half gone, and the spinach is destined to be made into spinach scrambled eggs with some of the eggs. We’re making good progress.