CSA endings and beginnings

A twofer this week — the last week of the spring CSA (ok, that was almost a month ago, sorry about that), and the first week of the summer CSA! Presented in reverse order.

To start off the summer, this is what we got in our pickup: mushrooms, kale, green leaf lettuce, radishes, beets, apples, asparagus, white potatoes, eggs, and bread (Great Harvest challah).

summer CSA, week 1

We ate the lettuce as salad greens pretty much immediately; salad greens are always the first to wilt in the fridge. We had the asparagus already, too, sauteed simply with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Almost everything else is still sitting in the fridge, though, because we ate out a lot this past weekend. (And whenever you go to the Stanford Grill, not only are you awesomely fed, but you can make two more meals out of your leftovers. More than that if you’re a kid.)

Nevertheless! The beet and radish greens should still be mostly okay, because the first thing I did when putting away the vegetables was to separate the greens from their root vegetables; otherwise, the beets and radishes will suck the life out of the greens. I’ll check the radish greens out tonight; if they’re still okay, I’m going to make some radish green pesto.

To finish off last spring, this was the farewell basket from Breezy Willow:

Grapefruit, romaine lettuce, beets, potatoes, apples, mushrooms, kale, eggs, bread (Great Harvest sourdough), and a bonus item. I picked the pickle relish (over the apple bbq sauce and the horseradish mustard). Oh, and there was a bunch of asparagus, too, but I forgot it. Alas.

spring CSA, week 11

We did manage to make it completely through this pile, but we had two extra weeks in which to do it. Well, except for the pickle relish. Still looking forward to that one. May have to get some burgers on the grill.