Crossover Spice Blend, three ways

Last night’s surprisingly quick and easy meal: lamb chops, green beans, and spaghetti squash, all featuring the Crossover Spice Blend. I made a spice butter for the spaghetti squash, used spice to crust the lamb, and tossed green beans in the pan after deglazing.

lamb, green beans, spaghetti squash

It worked out really well. The spice blend tied all of the dishes together, but each tasted just different enough to keep things interesting: the lamb added its own strong flavor, the squash brought sweetness, and I’m sure the green beans would have spoken up except I drowned the poor things in Parmesan. Still tasty, though.

K, who is generally stingy with praise, looked up at me during dinner and said, “Honey, this is really good.” And it only took half an hour total. I’d call it a 30-minute meal, but I think that might be copyrighted.

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