spring CSA, week 5

Week 5 of the CSA: even more greens! I’m really loving the mixed greens this year; they’re a snap to prepare and I really value quick meal preparation time now that there’s a kid banging around. One of my favorite quick dinners is actually a salad with a fried egg on top; I like to break the egg so that the yolk gushes down around the salad greens, a rich and flavorful dressing. (People who like their eggs hard-cooked may want to supplement their salad with shredded cheese instead.)

Anyway, we got spinach, sugar snap peas, apples, mushrooms onions, sweet potatoes, oranges, and more mixed greens. I got Breezy Willow eggs this time (hence the colors) and challah from Great Harvest.

spring CSA, week 5

Looks like I get to make spinach and mushrooms again. I’m also thinking about roasting up some of these sweet potatoes and making a quickbread for the kid. He loves starches, and the more nutrition I can pack into bread form, the better.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how to eat sugar snap peas, Breezy Willow has got that covered:

sugar snap pea instructions

Apparently enough people were asking that they decided to put up a sign.